Friday, October 8, 2010

The Art of Antiquing

I absolutely {love} to shop for antiques!  It's something my sister and I really enjoy doing together.  Not everyone shares our passion for the art of antiquing, but we like to think we have "an eye" for things that can be reused, refurbished, or recreated into beautiful pieces of home decor.  Sure, not everything you find in an antique shop is vintage treasure, but that's the fun of it... on some days, you get insanely lucky and stumble across something really fun, rare, or beautiful...something you just can't pass up.  

Here's a few of my latest finds at one of our local antique shops in Wake Forest:

* A "weathered" anchor to hang in my beach inspired bedroom :)  

 * A vintage Sunkist milkglass juicer- soooo pretty! 

* And my "treasure" for the day? This 1920's armchair!
I had to pull out the "early Christmas present" ticket for this beauty!  It definitely needs to be reupholstered.  The blue velvet is old and nasty, but the arms and legs on this chair are what sold me!  So much potential to be a gorgeous piece of furniture.

 My two other treasures that I can't live without?
  My sleepy boys :)


  1. Love you, your boys and all those treasures of yours!

  2. That chair is still the GREATEST find of all time!

    P.S. Rowe just walked by the computer and pointed and said "Oweeeee, OWEE!!"

  3. Oh Care-Bear! Love everything about this! The blog name, your antique finds, seeing your sweet smile, and I can't leave out those boys! :) Love you sweet CoCo!!

  4. Love the chair!!! :) I want to go with you!