Friday, September 24, 2010

Are you ready to RUMBLE?!

Nolan's parents came to visit us last weekend, and we had such a great time with them!  It was their first trip to Wake Forest, and so when they got here, Nolan and I were waiting for them on the balcony of our apartment which overlooks the road.  The anticipation of seeing them drive by was FUN and we could not stop waving and hollering!  I've decided that this should be our new tradition whenever anyone comes to visit :) Here's a re-cap of our Rumble weekend:

FRIDAY: After giving them the tour of our cozy apartment and visiting for a little bit, we went out to eat at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant. Then, we went and saw this movie: 


Do I even have to say that the boys picked this movie? The freaky nun masks the bank robbers wore almost gave me nightmares.  It was soooo intense, and I'm pretty sure that I had teared away all of my fingernails by the time the credits were rolling!  After the movie, Mama Jackie requested some icecream.  I think she had some of that "soft and creamy goodness" I've referenced in an earlier post on her mind :)

Man, that "Carolina Concrete" is delish! Once we had finished our ice-cold treats, we returned home to our apartment and called it a night (only after a few Glee episodes, of course!)

SATURDAY:  Everyone had their morning coffee on the balcony and enjoyed some time of sweet conversation.  Mama J and I made eggs and bacon for breakfast.  After eating, we got dressed and were ready to hit the town for a tour of Southeastern.  Here's some of my favorite pics from the morning:   
Once we were finished at SEBTS, we walked around downtown Wake Forest, stopping for coffee and checking out the Farmers Market and several quaint little shops.  The Old Magnolia Trading Company on the downtown strip is my NEW favorite place where I found this pretty frame for my "beachy" bedroom (more pictures to come!) 

After walking and shopping around downtown, we decided to go on an adventure to find one of the lakes in the Wake Forest area.  One short drive and a mini-hike later, we were on the edge of Falls Lake, looking out over the water and watching boats go by.  It was so relaxing and beautiful.  Here's a couple pics we took there:

We decided to head back to the apartment for some down-time after hanging out at Falls Lake for a bit.  Once we got home, we watched the UT/Florida Gators game on the computer (no cable!) and then ate dinner at our most favorite restaurant in Wake Forest: Shuckers.  This oyster bar and grill has some killer seafood and hush puppies that are to die for... seriously.  Let's just say none of us had any room for desert!  After dinner, we made it back to the apartment and watched ONE MORE Glee episode before heading to bed! :)

SUNDAY: We woke up and got ready for the early service at North Wake.  After church, we grabbed some lunch at Red Robin before Mom and Dad had to hit the road to make their way back home to Cleveland.  I started missing them the minute we waved good-bye from our balcony.  It was such a wonderful time with them, though, and a weekend I will always cherish.  Thank you both for going out of your way to visit and be a part of our lives and new home here.  We love you with all our hearts and are so grateful for every minute of our time together.

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  1. We just got back from seeing "The Town." Would you believe I fell asleep??? ;) haha...j/k. Knox loved it but I think it was a little too long for me.

    I'm so glad you had a good weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Rumble. I can't wait for MY visit next. We will be hitting up OMTC for sure. Love your new beachy frame and YOU!