Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit....

Happy holidays, dear friends!  I've had entirely way too much fun getting our home in N.C. ready for Christmas :) Even though we'll only be here for two weeks to enjoy it, I'm really glad that I denied my inner thoughts of "bah-hum bug!" and went ahead with my decorating madness.  I blame it on the beautiful winter snow we received this past weekend :)  

Thanks to my years working at Strasburg and training from my momma-in-law, I can successfully tie a Christmas bow!  Looking pretty good, if I can say so myself :) I've posted some of my favorite ornaments below, too:

A few other touches of Christmas I've added throughout our home: 

Two Christmases ago, I found some beautiful crystal snowflakes to hang from the chandelier in our kitchen.  Roni loved to climb on the table and mess with them, but was NEVER to busy to stop and pose for a picture! :) Here is one of his best shots from last year's holiday photo session:

This year, I had to get really creative with where I could hang my snowflakes, but I finally thought of a perfect spot for them... what do you think??
No worries- I have already thought through the disaster that would occur if I were to turn our fan "on" on accident.  When I wake up in the mornings, however, this mobile of pure winter perfection lulls me back to sleep and makes me feel as though I am dreaming under a soft blanket of pure white snow :)

It's the little things that add so much holiday spirit... 
Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!


  1. Beautiful! Just like you!

    P.S. Lovveeeee the birch tree

  2. Your home is festive and warm with CHRISTmas. I love it!

  3. Enjoyed looking at your blog...and the crystal snowflakes are GORGEOUS!

    I'm Shaana Hollingsworth's sister and I found your blog listed on hers. I tell her all the time that I'm jealous of the snow y'all keep getting up there - lol! We don't see much of that in South Georgia :(

    Have a great weekend!